Interview with GSA Sponsor Chantelle Hansen, Part 2

In this podcast, I continue talking with GSA sponsor Chantelle Hansen about being an ally to LGBTQ+ students, about transgender advocacy, and about how we need to always be aware that not everyone has the privilege that we are afforded as straight, cis-gender white women.

Interview with GSA Sponsor Chantelle Hansen, Part 1

In this podcast I interview a GSA sponsor in Nevada, who talks about the issues faced by her LGBTQ+ students at school and at home, and discusses the importance of a supportive environment and supportive influences. Chantelle also discusses the fallout one student faced when he was elected homecoming queen and brought out a Pride flag at the event.

Interview with GSA Sponsor Kaley Georgelis

In this podcast, I interview the sponsor of Merritt Island High School’s GSA, Kaley Georgelis. We talk about the impact Florida’s new Don’t Say Gay law is having on students, the importance of a supportive administration (which MIHS definitely has), and actions that have made her school safer and more affirming.

Interview with Bells, a 16-year-old Queer, Asexual, and Gender-Fluid Advocate

In this podcast, I speak with Bells Ross, a 16-year old queer, asexual, and gender-fluid advocate. They talk about their journey, their school climate, and what the future holds.

What Keeps Me Up at Night: 3:30 This Morning

This morning I couldn’t sleep. I was up, at 3:30 am, thinking about the students I’ve spoken with in my podcasts, thinking about how many adults – adults who are charged with keeping students safe – are letting those students down. These were my thoughts.

Interview with Andromeda about Being an LGBTQ Adolescent, and Florida’s New Don’t Say Gay Bill HB 1557

In this podcast I’m speaking with Andromeda, a non-binary adolescent in Florida who goes by the pronouns they/them. They spoke with me about how being LGBTQ affected their social relationships growing up, about their school environment, and about the recent Florida Don’t Say Gay bill, designed to prevent discussion of LGBTQ related issues in Florida’sContinue reading “Interview with Andromeda about Being an LGBTQ Adolescent, and Florida’s New Don’t Say Gay Bill HB 1557”

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10-Meeting Jump Start Curriculum

Start Your GSA Off on the Right Foot It’s wonderful to have your GSA approved, your sponsor in place, and to begin planning your first meeting. GSAs can have different goals, and yours is probably defined in your mission statement. But all GSAs serve certain functions – creating a safe and welcoming space for students,Continue reading “10-Meeting Jump Start Curriculum”