Overcoming Obstacles

Some schools have supportive communities and administrations, and can immediately start the process of creating safer and more inclusive school environments using staff training, an enumerated anti-bullying policy, and GSA formation. If your school is ready for these steps, see Part 2: Creating Pillars of Support.

Other schools, due to community opposition or an unsupportive administration or school board, meet with opposition when students and faculty want to start to build a safer and more accepting school. However, many times opponents just need more information.

This section will detail the steps you can take to overcome opposition, and show how an LGBTQ+ accepting school environment benefits the entire school community.

First: Know the Law

If your school starkly refuses your request to form a GSA, or tries to limit the GSA’s activities or resources, you have legal recourse.

Second: Show the Need for a GSA

Often people do not understand the dire situation many LGBTQ+ students face. Statistics and community advocates can help GSA opponents recognize that LGBTQ+ students need their support.

Third: Show the Benefits of a GSA to Everyone

GSAs do not only help LGBTQ+ students. They help schools become safer and more accepting overall, while providing many more school-wide benefits.

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