Creating a Proposal Letter

So you are ready to begin the process of creating your school’s GSA. Start by submitting your proposal to the school administration.

  1. Talk with your administration before you apply, and, if possible, ally with them so that everyone is working toward the same goal – a safer, more inclusive school for all.
  2. Make sure you know your school’s policy regarding how to create a non-curricular club. Follow all steps as outlined in the policy (such as naming one or more faculty sponsors, identifying a meeting location, etc. Steps will vary by school). When you are ready to apply, submit your proposal with any additional data (such as statistics, demonstration of student interest, etc) that you feel might be helpful in promoting success.
If you expect any resistance, take the following steps to make the path easier:
Suing your school board, and winning, has been shown to be a successful strategy in creating a safer school environment (Finn, 2021).


Finn, J. (2021, October 23). New LGBTQ+ school-bullying study electrifies advocates. Medium.

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