Create Pillars of Support

Building a Safe and Inclusive School for All Goes Beyond Having a GSA

Having a GSA on-campus is one important step toward teaching and modeling acceptance and inclusivity in the school. However, to make the greatest difference in the school environment, administrators should use a multi-faceted approach in combating harassment, discrimination and bullying.

The following sections detail very important steps in creating a safe learning environment for all students. While each makes a difference, the greatest difference occurs when all of these safeguards are used together. Additionally, this section contains an LGBTQ+ language guide for school personnel and other allies.

Read On to Learn:

  • Why it’s important to train faculty and staff on the issues LGBTQ+ students face every day;
  • How an enumerated anti-bullying policy can improve the school, and why it also requires staff and student training;
  • What actions allies can take every day to help their school be the most welcoming and inclusive environment it can be.

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