Ways to Encourage Success in Forming Your GSA

So you’re ready to begin approaching your school administration and/or school board to formally initiate the formation of your GSA. There are steps you can take to make the process more successful and collaborative.

Steps to Encourage Success

Demonstrate Need: Show why a GSA is needed in your school and among your students
Show Proven Benefits: Provide evidence of the proven benefits of GSAs to schools and to individual students
Enlist the Existing Power Structure: Allies are everywhere, you just need to find them, and get them working with you for the benefit of all.


Finn, J. (2021, October 23). New LGBTQ+ school-bullying study electrifies advocates. Medium. https://medium.com/prismnpen/new-lgbtq-school-bullying-study-electrifies-advocates-ae52629bad83

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