10-Meeting Jump Start Curriculum

Start Your GSA Off on the Right Foot It’s wonderful to have your GSA approved, your sponsor in place, and to begin planning your first meeting. GSAs can have different goals, and yours is probably defined in your mission statement. But all GSAs serve certain functions – creating a safe and welcoming space for students,Continue reading “10-Meeting Jump Start Curriculum”

Writing a Mission Statement

What is the Purpose of a Mission Statement? A mission statement is your club’s way of letting people know why you exist. What are your primary goals? What do you want to accomplish? Every club is different and goals will vary – some students want to engage in advocacy in the school and the community;Continue reading “Writing a Mission Statement”

Step Two: Show the Proven Benefits of GSAs to Students and the School

Proven Benefits of GSAs to Individual Students LGBTQ students involved in GSAs reported that the GSA helped them with 3 types of empowerment. The first is empowerment through knowledge – they knew their rights, and how to advocate for them. The second is personal empowerment – GSAs help students improve their self esteem and developContinue reading “Step Two: Show the Proven Benefits of GSAs to Students and the School”