Interview with My Friend Jenelle, Part 1

In this episode, I talk with my friend Jenelle about being a young transgender adolescent in South Beach, Miami Beach. She talks about the people who mentored her, including the famous Queen of South Beach, Henrietta Robinson. If you are interested in the kids who changed their yearbook we refer to, click here. Here is more information about the Federalist Society.

LGBTQ+ in the News

Here’s some of what I found in the news in the past week concerning LGBTQ youth. A photographer highlighting trans kids and their supportive families – a pamplet for talking with your kids about gender identity – and why it’s illegal for schools to remove books solely due to LGBTQ content.

Interview with GSA Sponsor Chantelle Hansen, Part 1

In this podcast I interview a GSA sponsor in Nevada, who talks about the issues faced by her LGBTQ+ students at school and at home, and discusses the importance of a supportive environment and supportive influences. Chantelle also discusses the fallout one student faced when he was elected homecoming queen and brought out a Pride flag at the event.