Candidates for Brevard County School Board

Recently at a candidate forum held by Families for Safe Schools, in Brevard, I had the opportunity to speak with three school board candidates about how they would protect LGBTQ+ students in Brevard schools. Hear Erin Dunne, Kim Hough, and Misty Belford discuss that and other issues pertaining to Brevard’s schools and students.

Democratic Candidates for Congressional District 8

Recently Families for Safe Schools held a forum for candidates in Brevard County. I was able to briefly interview two Democratic candidates for Congressional District 8, a seat currently held by Bill Posey.

I spoke with Joanne Terry and Danelle Dodge about what they would offer to the district, as well as how they would work at the federal level to protect LGBTQ+ kids.

Study Finds that Trans Youth are Unlikely to “Detransition”

According to a new study (prepublication peer-reviewed article) just released by the journal Pediatrics (the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) (access the article in the blog post), it is unlikely that children who socially transition will have “detransitioned” 5 years after their transitioning.

Parents’ Rights and the Don’t Say Gay Law in Florida

In this podcast I explore what rights students and parents have in school, and why the Don’t Say Gay law is not actually about parents’ rights to protect their children, but rather is their attempt to erase discussion of LGBTQ families, history, and risk factors (such as bullying).

Interview with Students Alex, Sienna, & Jasmine, Part 1

In this interview, I speak with Alex, a transgender male high school senior, Alex’s pansexual girlfriend Sienna, and Jasmine, a bisexual college student. In Part 1, we discuss their journey to discover their sexual identities, family dynamics, and we begin to explore the current school climate.