Study Finds that Trans Youth are Unlikely to “Detransition”

According to a new study (prepublication peer-reviewed article) just released by the journal Pediatrics (the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) (access the article here), it is unlikely that children who socially transition will have “detransitioned” 5 years after their transitioning.

NBC News relayed the information this way:

Transgender children are unlikely to “detransition,” or come to identify with their birth sex, five years after their social transition, a new study found.

The findings, published Wednesday in the journal Pediatrics, come from a larger project called the Trans Youth Project. Researchers at Princeton University began in 2013 to track 317 kids between ages 3 and 12 who socially transitioned — the first and largest sample of its kind, according to Kristina Olsen, the study’s lead author and a professor of psychology at Princeton. 

The results showed that five years after their initial social transition, 94 percent of the study participants were living as either trans girls or trans boys. The remaining youth had “retransitioned,” as the study called it, and no longer identified as binary transgender. Of that group, 2.5 percent came to identify with their birth sex. 

The findings of this study go against the efforts of many Republican states recently to ban the provision of transition-related medical care and even social transition support.

Florida’s surgeon general recently released guidance recommending against any medical or socially-affirming care of transgender children. Read more about Florida’s actions relating to transgender children here.

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