Interview with Bisexual 9th Grader Nafeeza

In this episode, I speak with Nafeeza, a bisexual 9th grader who participated in two protests of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill – one of which she organized. Nafeeza bravely talks about bullying she has experienced, including being told to die, and the lack of response from her administration. We talk about creating GSAs (her school doesn’t have one), and things that make school safer and more inclusive. I’ll be helping Nafeeza as she works to bring a much-needed GSA to her school, Bayside High School in Palm Bay, Brevard, Florida.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Bisexual 9th Grader Nafeeza

  1. Thank you to Nafeeza for courageously being her authentic self in the face of adversity and for sharing her story.

    Thank you Lara for your mission to make our schools safe for our LBGT+ children! I really appreciate your knowledge and advocacy!

    With our LBGT+ youth having the highest suicide rate among youth, and this DANGEROUS new “Don’t say Gay Bill” here in Florida, our youth are in even more danger.

    If there’s ever anything I can do to help you and your mission as a therapist, please let me know. It would be my honor!

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    1. Thank you! I will! Right now, I would just say, please share my site with anyone who you believe would benefit from hearing the stories of these adolescents (and who wouldn’t?), and everyone who works in a school.

      Even allies working in schools don’t know everything that can be done – I didn’t, as a teacher. There is so much that I have learned (and am learning) putting together this site that I wish I’d known then.

      Also, so everyone knows, I don’t profit from this site or my podcast at all, this is entirely a labor of love borne of necessity. As you say, our Florida legislators are passing terrible, dangerous laws, and similar laws are being passed throughout the country. All of us who are allies need to take a stand to protect our youth, and our valuable LGBTQ+ community members. Every person deserves to live with safety and respect.


  2. Lara- Thank you so much for helping us hear from LGBTQ+ kids in our schools! ❤ Nafeeza, you are brave and bold and congratulations on organizing a walk out on your own! Brevard County loves you and we will do everything we can to support you and other LGBTQIA+ kids in our schools. ❤ – Erin Dunne


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