Guide to Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools for LGBTQ+ Students

  • Start a GSA (even in the face of resistance);
  • Create an inclusive and supportive school environment; and,
  • Build a GSA curriculum that meets student needs while fostering LGBTQ+ student agency, empowerment, and confidence.
Download a printable summary of this site’s main points here

Overcoming Obstacles to GSA Creation

If you’re interested in starting a GSA but are facing obstacles, in the form of your school board or administration visit “Overcoming Obstacles.” There you can read about judicial decisions in support of GSAs, and find resources to access legal help if needed.

Overcoming obstacles also shares proven steps to encourage success in bringing a GSA to your school, and sample documents that you can browse as you write your proposal letter and mission statement.

Creating Pillars of Support in the School

You have your GSA approved, and are ready to get started. How can you encourage a school environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all?

This section will give you information on LGBTQ+ sensitive language, the benefits of staff-wide training as well as enumerated anti-LGBTQ+ bullying policies, and actions that faculty and staff allies can take every day to help create a safe and accepting school environment.

GSA Curriculum Guide to Fill Different Needs

Your school is on board, your GSA has been created and you’re ready to begin! This section includes curriculum guides for different GSA goals.

The included curriculum is based on published research concerning how to best assist LGBTQ+ adolescents develop self confidence, personal agency, pride, and connection to the LGBTQ+ community. Focal points are education, advocacy, and social support (in school and in the broader community).

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